Building a Memex by Andrew Louis

The memex was proposed in 1945 and was to be the ultimate tool to stay on top of information overload. It would be a private library for all information ever encountered by its user. After content was added or captured through peripheral devices, it could be annotated, linked together, and shared.

Unfortunately, zero were ever built but the memex had a direct influence on the first interactive computing systems and the development of hypertext and the internet. In an age when computers were room-sized analog devices for simulating missile trajectories or calculating payroll, this idea expanded the idea of what computers should be able to do.

Though computers are more powerful and ubiquitous than ever, our digital histories are inaccessible, fragmented, or locked behind corporate walled gardens. As a long time journal-keeper, note-taker, and digital packrat, the Memex idea resonated with me. Inspired by this seventy-year-old vision, I'm now attempting to build a system for making my personal history accessible for search and introspection.

What's built so far:

What's not built yet:

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