December 23, 2009 in Briefs


December 23, 2009 · Briefs

Would you hate the Twilight Series as much if it earned you 24 cents?

Adventures with Amazon’s referral program.

As an experiment — I have no aspirations to make money off — I signed up for Amazon’s affiliate program (thanks Giles for the reminder). Every time you link someone to an Amazon page and they end up buying something, you get a cut.

The result? Easy dollars — 20 of them in only a few weeks. Anyone with a blog should sign up. Heck, this guy made $119,725.45. By comparison, the Google ads in the sidebar have resulted in less than $5 and they look ugly. With Amazon, I don’t even have to be obnoxious about it (except now, I guess). The only places I added links were here and here. I don’t think anyone could argue that the Amazon suggestions are out of place.

The best part? Even if I find Twilight silly, I still earned 24 cents when someone bought themselves a copy of the first book. (Twilight fans, I dare you to click on this link.)

If you’re still doing some holiday shopping on Amazon AND want to throw me over some more beer money, you should click on this link. And if want to be as ultra-cool as my friend Abdullah, buy yourself a camera under my referral link.


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