November 7, 2008 · Links

Outline of Newsweek's 'Secrets of the 2008 Campaign' report

If I had to give a single example of why traditional journalism won’t (shouldn’t?) disappear, I’d point to the series [...]

October 25, 2008 · Links

I'm sorry everyone

(Courtesy of Well done).

September 22, 2008 · Links

When the economy goes down, packaged food sales go up

During economic bad times, interesting things happen. Package food sales go up, for instance. According to Advertising Age, it’s been [...]

September 22, 2008 · Links

Technorati’s plea for restraint

While wandering around Technorati in a hopeless quest to figure out why exactly it’s still still relevant, I came across [...]

September 22, 2008 · Links

X-Plane gets an inside peek into Apple HQ

X-Plane is a simulator that’s nearly as good as Microsoft’s Flight Simulator but developed with a fraction of the programmers: [...]

September 21, 2008 · Links

Following the numbers

From the NYT (of course), a brutal examination of a “disability epidemic” in a railroad system: “Virtually every career employee [...]

September 4, 2008 · Links

Underwater with a Rubik's Cube

This is my friend Ian. He can solve a Rubik’s cube in under a minute. Underwater. Admittedly, there are some [...]

August 31, 2008 · Links

Squabble in a billionaires' playground

In most sports, referees are the final arbiters of disputes. Apparently in sailing, it’s the courts. Shown above is Larry [...]

August 28, 2008 · Links

Wikipedia: it's not just for plagiarizers anymore

In what comes as great news to anyone who runs a web site with user generated content, a federal judge [...]

August 27, 2008 · Links

Burger King expands value menu; franchises quake

In the states, Burger King is about to roll out new wraps priced at the impossible-to-resist price of $1.39. You’d [...]

August 17, 2008 · Links

Flying to Toronto

No, not me. My friend Andrey visited Cuba a few weeks ago and made a timelapse video of the view [...]

August 15, 2008 · Links

Who said all Yanks are xenophobes?

From NPR’s Weekend Edition, a great tale of a departing US ambassador who left Peruvians with a special gift: a [...]

August 11, 2008 · Links

ABC zings new age spirituality

I’m no defender of new age spirituality but this is quite the dig. Some say Hunter, a devotee of new [...]

August 4, 2008 · Links

Too weird for the wire

Kevin Carey narrates the story of four African American defendants on trial for murder, drug trafficking, and several other charges. [...]

August 4, 2008 · Links


Slate covers Bush’s overuse of this word in just about every situation: What else is awesome? Just about everything. “Thank [...]

August 3, 2008 · Links

The original meta shot

Do you think you’re the first with your shots of another photographer taking a photo? Unfortunately, you’ve been beat by [...]

August 1, 2008 · Links

Crude reporting in crude reporting

A new piece from Portfolio explores the media’s coverage of the rising cost of gas and accuses it of parrotting [...]

July 12, 2008 · Links

Feist on Sesame Street

Feist on Sesame Street: But if you think this is strange, there’s this earlier video of Stevie Wonder doing an [...]