Usually from Toronto; usually from my bike

Fathom Five National Marine Park
Walking the tight rope in Christie Pits
Backside of the MGM Grand
MIX Floor
Dream Car Rentals
Montreal Museum of Fine Arts
Leslieville on a winter night
Zanzibar in the snow
Under the Leslieville CP bridge
Toronto City Hall
Cherry Blossoms at High Park
Toronto peaceful in the snow
Chinatown on a dark winter night.
Alberta is flat
Don Valley Brickworks
Kensington Market on Christmas Eve
Habitat ’67
Stairwell in Old City Hall
Darth Maul
The Badlands
100 Spadina Road
Sadie May Crash
University and College
Dance Yourself to Death
New Glass
The other scramble intersection
Toronto Criterium
De Young Museum
Lonely Tree
Grand View Park
St. Mary’s