October 7, 2009 · Writing

Richard Dawkins romps through Toronto

Everyone’s favourite atheist has a book out this fall and he’s on the road to promote it.

November 7, 2008 · Links

Outline of Newsweek's 'Secrets of the 2008 Campaign' report

If I had to give a single example of why traditional journalism won’t (shouldn’t?) disappear, I’d point to the series […]

November 4, 2008 · Writing

PZ Myers preaches to the choir

PZ Myers, a “godless liberal” and one of the Internet’s most popular bloggers was in Toronto on Halloween to talk about “Science Education: caught in the middle of the war between science and religion.”

September 21, 2008 · Links

Following the numbers

From the NYT (of course), a brutal examination of a “disability epidemic” in a railroad system: “Virtually every career employee […]