Andrew Louis

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Building a Memex

The Memex was conceived in 1945 as a personal library for staying on top of all the information you consume. Unfortunately, it was never built. I'm attempting to build a 21st century version that lets me search and annotate all the information I consume and produce.

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Recent projects

I post pictures of doors. Originally started as a way to counterbalance Instagram's oversupply of brunch/baby/dog photos, it’s now become a thing and my account is exclusively a stream of doors.
photography travel
#WomensMarch Toronto timelapse
Tens of thousands gathered in Toronto to protest Donald Trump. I made a timelapse of the marchers streaming into Nathan Phillips Square.
video politics
Million Dollar Graveyard
My friend Andrew Petrov and I were great admirers of when it launched. Recently, we had a look at the state of the site and which ads and domains are still working. (Work in progress.)
Katherine Hague and I cofounded, a simple ecommerce service that let creators collect orders/preorders without stress. We also got to interview a bunch of product creators and published our series on We grew the product and team and got acquired by PCH in 2014.
startup tech
Biking every street in Toronto
The homing device in my pocket automatically records my travel. As I began checking the map of my paths, I noticed I'd almost biked every street in downtown Toronto and decided I should find excuses to bike on the remainder. So far, I've biked on every street south of Davenport, east of Roncesvalles, and west of the Don.
travel cycling
Marathon walks
Natured endowed me with a marathon physique but instead of running like my family members, I enjoy taking 42.1km walks to explore cities. So far I’ve completed walks in New York (hitting all five boroughs), London, and Tokyo.
CUSEC (Canadian University Software Engineering Conference)
CUSEC brings together software engineering students and speakers from the tech community. I got involved as a student organizer and now stay around as an advisor.
tech conferences