Andrew Louis

is building a Memex

Imagine if your complete personal history was accessible to you in a single, unified archive. Imagine being able to search for something across everything you've messaged, read, or viewed. Imagine using this system to help you make sense of complex topics or navigate connections between information. Imagine using it to help understand yourself.

In 1945, The Memex was supposed to be this device but it was never built. Nevertheless, its vision remains with us.

I'm working on building an experimental digital version. Read more about my Memex project →

Other projects

I've been attempting to photograph and document all the COVID-19 store signs that have gone up everywhere as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

On my instagram account, I've been photographing nothing but doors for the last seven years.


Andrew Louis is a software developer from Toronto.


I'm @hyfen on Twitter.

My email address is [email protected]

Recent talks

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