October 25, 2009 in Briefs


October 25, 2009 · Briefs

iTunes deal (screwup?) of the century: the 55 CD anthology “111 Years of Deutsche Grammophon” is only $9.99

730 tracks / 2:10:06:35 time / 6GB of classical music

(Update: The deal is over but you can pick it up at Amazon for a good price.)

My friend Jen posted a link to this deal dubbing it the “Deal of the Century.” I clicked ‘Buy Album’ within seconds.

To re-emphasize, that’s 730 tracks / 2:10:06:35 time / 6GB worth of music for $9.99! It’s almost certainly a pricing error on the Canadian iTunes store. It’s listed at $119.99 in the US store. (Canadians get cheaper healthcare AND classical music!)


Deal or no deal, this is a pretty fantastic collection from probably the best classical recording label in the world. This ain’t no second-tier, discount-bin “Classical Greatest Hits”. Here’s a press release-ey statement:

Deutsche Grammophon’s president Michael Lang said, “Deutsche Grammophon remains the preeminent classical recording company – presenting the finest in recorded music by the best artists – while anticipating and fulfilling the evolving interests of its old and new audiences. Deutsche Grammophon is poised for a vibrant future as remarkable as its storied past.”


To all my Canadian friends, I’m officially considering you an idiot if you don’t take advantage of this temporary price anomaly.

Update: Someone landed on this post via the Google query “111 years of deutsche grammophon crash itunes” — there’s that much music.

Update (Oct 27, 01:20): Could they be finally changing the price? The front page of iTunes shows the price at $119.99 (if you click and go to the album page, it’s still at $9.99):

Update (Oct 27, 11:26): Christmas is over. The album is now $119.99 (or $148 if you prefer being able to cradle these in your hands). For everyone who’s still arriving at this post, that price is still an excellent deal!



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