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January 28, 2010 · Writing

Democamp 25 in pictures

Facebook, Facebook, Facebook.

Democamp moved from one Rogers building to another — tonight’s event was hosted in the relatively brand new Rogers School of Management at Ryerson.

This month’s theme: Facebook.

To kick things off, serial entrepreneur Gurbaksh Chahal — whose tagline seems to be “became a multimillionaire at 18” — gave a pep talk. He just launched gWallet, a virtual currency platform which aims to bring some ethics and legitimacy to the industry.

Gurbaksh Chahal at Democamp 25

Gurbaksh Chahal at Democamp 25

Gurbaksh Chahal at Democamp 25

But the talk steered clear of his current plans in favour of tips on how to succeed in life.

Why’s he qualified to give motivational speeches (other than his obvious financial success)? Watch the Oprah version of his life story:

The demos

I’ve never played a single game on Facebook; I have almost no attention span for them. I also refuse to use ugly software (which is why I don’t use Tweetdeck) and most Facebook apps are hideous.

BUT people seem to making boatloads of money with Facebook apps — sometimes in shady ways — which makes them at least interesting to check out.

Democamp 25

Albert Lai at Democamp 25

Toronto’s serial entrepreneur, Albert Lai, talked about his latest project, Kontagent, which aims to bring social analytics to Facebook. He also passed around a bucket taking donations for Haiti and promised to match whatever was donated. The result: $1400.

Democamp 25

Other demos tonight:

Oz Solomon of Social Gaming StudiosDemocamp at 25

Mark Zohar of Scenecaster at Democamp 25

(Also worth noting: there wasn’t a single Mac at the podium. I don’t want to sound all fanboy about this but it’s interesting to see how an event like Democa evolves.)

Joey deVilla and David Crow at Democamp 25

With the demos out of the way, it was time to move to the much-grungier Imperial Pub — coincidentally, the venue for a few previous Democamps.


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