April 23, 2017

Climbing up and down stairs

Moving sucks

And especially when the elevator in your building is broken. Here’s a quantification of how much physical labour I did this week (unfortunately at the expense of programming labour):


Force diagrams

Under the hood, I’m representing all the data I’m storing about my life as a graph with nodes (activities/entities) and edges between them. Generally I haven’t emphasized this visually, but certain queries might work well when outputted this way. I put together a prototype that takes results from a query and plots them with d3’s forceLayout module.

This aquarium-looking animation represents conversations I’ve had about Ember with different people across different mediums (red == threads; blue == individual messages; light grey == identities; dark grey == people). For social queries like messaging or showing favourites, social butterflies (read: David Wolever) end up being super nodes which connect many clusters together.

I’ll deploy this after I do more work on labelling, interactivity, and performance.

Internet nostalgia which has nothing to do the Memex

Few internet projects have matched the audacity of milliondollarhomepage.com. This week, Andrey and I went spent some time looking at the state of the site and advertisers, twelve years after launch. We’re scraping each link and trying to understand how many are still online, how many domains exist, etc. We’re aiming to put together a few visualizations and a writeup. The scraping and visualizations aren’t done yet so here’s a plot of the homepage with a d3 colour overlay representing how expensive each ad was:


You can follow the action along the action here.

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