Building a Memex by Andrew Louis

The Memex does New York

Here are a few examples of effects New York had on me last week: 1) dramatically increased my mood 2) decreased my music listening (mostly due to hanging out with friends, being at conference most of the time) 3) increased my walking. Though I didn’t walk a marathon this time, I walked more than 16 hours in total.

In general, it was an incredible week of conferencing ( !!con ), giving demos of the Memex, visiting friends, and exploring the city.

On Tuesday, I presented at an Ember Project Night. I went over my lifetime of digital packrat behaviour, the history of the Memex, and then did a demo of some of the queries I can do on my data.

I caught several audience members simulating head explosions which I hope is a positive reaction.

My favourite part was the 30+ minutes of q&a Some highlights:

To dos: